Nino Scherrer Portrait

Nino Scherrer


I am a visiting research scientist at FAR AI, working with Claudia Shi (Columbia) on a causal perspective for reward learning from human feedback. Previously, I was a research intern at the Vector Institute (hosted by Prof. Animesh Garg) and at Mila (hosted by Prof. Yoshua Bengio). During this research visits, I have been fortunate to work closely with Nan Rosemary Ke, Anirudh Goyal and Prof. Stefan Bauer.

My research interest centers around the causal perspective on machine learning to build robust and adaptive models that can handle various sorts of distribution shifts. I did my masters and bachelors in computer science at ETH Zürich and collaborated with Mila and MPI for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen during my master thesis on active neural causal discovery. Previously, I did a diploma (vocational education) in computer science and worked multiple years as a systems engineer at SFS AG.

Info: I'm currently on the job market for PhD positions and research scientist positions.

Fields of Interest

Causal Inference X Machine Learning Representation Learning Meta Learning Reinforcement Learning AI for Healthcare AI for Sciences



  • December 2022: "On the Synergies of Causality and DeepLearning", Neuroscience in ML Seminar, ETH Zurich
  • April 2022: "Learning Neural Causal Models with Active Interventions", XAI seminar series, Imperial College London
  • October 2021: "Learning Neural Causal Models with Active Interventions", Causality Reading Group, TU Darmstadt