Nino Scherrer Portrait

Nino Scherrer


I am currently a visiting researcher at FAR AI working with Claudia Shi (Columbia) and Amir Feder (Columbia/Google). We investigate the effects of training data, optimization formulations and fine-tuning procedures on language model behaviors and demographic biases.

Previously, I spent time as a research intern at the Vector Institute (hosted by Prof. Animesh Garg) and Mila (hosted by Prof. Yoshua Bengio), and for my master thesis at MPI for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen. During this research visits, I have been fortunate to work closely with Nan Rosemary Ke, Anirudh Goyal and Prof. Stefan Bauer.

I did my masters and bachelors in computer science at ETH Zürich. In my earlier life, I did a diploma (vocational education) in computer science and worked multiple years as a systems engineer at SFS AG.

Fields of Interest

Causal Inference Representation Learning Natural Language Processing AI for Healthcare



I helped to create the ICML 2022 Tutorial on "Causality and Deep Learning: Synergies, Challenges and the Future". The corresponding work (systematic survey) "Deep Learning for Causality: A Unifying Perspective on Neural Causal Structure Learning" will be released soon.


  • February 2023: "Deep Learning for Causality: Neural Causal Structure Learning", AI for Actionable Impact (AI4AI) Lab , Imperial College London
  • January 2023: "On the Synergies of Causality and DeepLearning", Neuroscience in ML Seminar, ETH Zurich
  • April 2022: "Learning Neural Causal Models with Active Interventions", XAI seminar series, Imperial College London
  • October 2021: "Learning Neural Causal Models with Active Interventions", Causality Reading Group, TU Darmstadt